5 Easy Ways to Find Long Tail Keywords


It is not a secret that there is gold in finding long tail keywords within your internet marketing niche.  Long tail keywords enable the savvy internet entrepreneur to target potential customers who are at the end of the buying cycle – the time when the potential customers are most likely to purchase a product.

long tail keywords

An example of long tail keywords dating back to prehistoric times!

Thankfully, long tail keywords are much easier to rank for than broader keywords.  This is done by targeting a detailed keyword vs. a broader keyword in blog posts, articles, titles, etc.  Since there is less competition for long tail keywords, you are more likely to rank higher in search results for these keywords.  For example, instead of targeting internet marketing instruction, you would target internet marketing seminars for newbies in Michigan.  This narrows down your target audience, but also provides the potential to get a better demographic match to your product, website, article, etc.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

Now that you understand the basics of long tail keywords and their importance, where can you find these keywords? Thankfully, there a few free and easy ways to find these keywords so keep reading!

1.  Use search engine’s suggestions

You’ve likely already seen this before and didn’t realize it.  Go to any major search engine these days (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and start typing in a search term.  You will notice that the search engine starts to suggest matches to what you are typing.  Use this tool by typing in your broad search term and seeing what more detailed long tail keywords magically appear.  Simple!

2.  Use the related searches after searching

Another simple free tool to find long tail keywords.  Simply enter your search term into your search engine of choice and find the related search phrases (usually at the bottom of the search results page).  You will find lots of good search terms here!

3.  Utilize lists of popular searches

By going to Alexa’s What’s Hot or Google Trends you will find the currently hot searches that you can then use as the topics of blog posts.  Give people what they want!

4.  Read through Q&A Sites

Head on over to Yahoo Answers, Answers.com, or Askville and find what questions people are asking.  Chances are, if someone is asking a question related to your niche, there are others who want to know the answer to the question and haven’t been able to find it anywhere on the Internet.  Would it be wise to put content on your site about these topics?  Me thinks so!

5.  Check out the topics your competition has

Hit up your top competitors websites and look at their top 5 – 10 posts and pages.  Find the broad search terms that they are targeting and use these to find long tail keywords using the methods above.  If your competition is getting traffic from these search terms, it is highly probably you will get traffic from the long tail versions!

I hope you picked up a few ways you can find long tail keywords quickly and easily (and free!).  Taking advantage of long tail keywords can provide you with the boost in traffic you are seeking so take full advantage of these!

Justin Ware

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Take Massive Action!


Have you ever wondered why some people take massive action immediately

after learning something, while others, when presented with the same

information, do nothing at all.


Do you have a problem taking massive action?


Are you always making an excuse as to why you never take action?


massive action

Take massive action now!


Check out the video below with Anthony Robbins and Frank Kern to find

out what you can do to combat this self-limiting behavior. Take massive action

now by clicking the play button immediately!

Hope everyone is having a successful and happy holiday season!

Justin Ware

“The Massive Action Meister”

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Paid Traffic for Newbies in 2013


Are you new to the internet marketing industry and looking to make money in 2013?  Confused about paid traffic and need a basic overview?  If so, read on and gain some paid traffic knowledge with these overviews!  As an added bonus, I’ve listed some of the advertising networks you can use for each type of paid traffic!

paid traffic

Get Your Traffic Here!

Types of Paid Traffic

Cost Per Impression (CPI or CPM) aka Solo Ads aka Media Buys

Cost per impression is advertising that you pay every time someone views your ad.  Most often, advertisers pay per 1,000 impressions, but verify this with each ad network.  This can be a cheap source of traffic if you are able to get people to click on your ad.  Remember that you are paying for these ads whether they are clicked on or not.

Media Buy NetworksFacebook, SiteScout, Tribal Fusion, BuySellAds, Valueclick, DoubleClick

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click is the favorite type of paid advertising for many internet marketers and businesses.  This type of traffic consists of paying an ad network (often a search engine such as Google or a social website such as Facebook) every time someone clicks on your ad.  If an ad does not get clicked on, the advertiser does not pay.  Ads are either all text (as you’ve likely seen on the results page of a Google search) or an image (such as banners).

Pay per click is commonly thought of as the most expensive type of traffic, but can be very valuable when using keywords that are highly relevant to your product or service.

PPC NetworksFacebook, Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo Adcenter, 7Search, Pulse360, Adsonar, Plenty of Fish (POF)

Pay Per View (PPV)

Pay per view ad require that adware be installed on a computer.  You’ve likely seen a popup window appear asking for you to install ad software in exchange for a free download.  Perhaps surprisingly, many people have installed adware on their computers, to the tune of millions.  The advertiser chooses the sites that they want their ad to pop up on.  For example, a car insurance advertiser can choose to have their ad pop up when someone (with adware on their computer) visits Geico’s website.  This can be very powerful if relevant websites are chosen.

PPV NetworksTrafficvance, Media Traffic, DirectCPV, Lead Impact

Pay Per Text (PPT)

Pay per text (known as SMS to some) involves paying for a text ad to be sent to a cell phone.  This is more common in Europe than the U.S.

PPT NetworksInfolinks, Kontera, Inlinks, Intext

Mobile Paid Traffic

Ever seen ads at the bottom of apps you are viewing on your cell phone?  These are ran by mobile paid traffic companies and paid for by advertisers.  Since people always have their cell phone near or on them, this can be an effective way to get many people to see your ad.

Mobile Paid Traffic NetworksAdmob, Adfonic, inMobi, Mojiva, Mobclix, Jumptap


I hope this article has given you a good, basic understanding of the various paid sources of traffic available for internet marketing.  There are numerous ways to these paid traffic sources to make as much money as you desire!

To Our Internet Marketing Success!

Justin Ware

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Making money from home has been a goal that I’ve been reaching to achieve for a long time.  I’ve looked into numerous network marketing companies and even signed for multiple.   Not too long after signing up, usually a few weeks to a couple of months, I am in the same position that I was in when I first joined the network market company du jour.  This leads to binge eating of ice cream in order to pacify the feelings of depressions that have crept in.

network marketing

Ever Wonder Why You Aren’t a Wildly Successful Network Marketer?

Why can’t people understand the amazing opportunity that I have nicely placed in front of them?

Why don’t they realize that if everyone said yes and signed up, we’d all be rich?

How do they not see how easy it would be to sit back and watch the money flood into our bank accounts if only they joined under me?

These are the questions that I sit and ponder while nom’ing down my chocolate moose tracks.  I just can’t fathom why people won’t join me in making easy money!

Has this situation ever happened to you?  Maybe you have even more questions than the few that continually go through my mind.  You can thank me ahead of time, because I discovered the main reason people do not join your network marketing opportunity.

The reason people do not share your network marketing enthusiasm and join your down line is simply this:

People do not sign up for your opportunity because they do not want the money.

People do not sign up for your network marketing company because they simply do not see themselves doing what you are doing to succeed in the business.

People choose to not join because they do not want to do things that you are doing just to make commissions from them. 

So how do we overcome these obstacles?

The answer to that question is relatively simple.  Only join network marketing companies that you believe in completely with 100% of your being.

Can you relate to the people that are in them?  Do you actually use the product or products they sell?  Are the products sold at a good value?  Do you enjoy talking to people about your business?  Are you able to generate leads that are not your family and friends easily?  Does the network marketing company pay you the majority of each commission in your down line?

If you cannot answer all of these questions with an emphatic “yes,” then you will not succeed in that network marketing opportunity.

Plain and simple.

I’ll say it again.  People do not ignore your phone calls and emails because they do not want to make more money than they’ve ever imagined or because they do not want the life they’ve always dreamed about.  They ignore you because they do not want to follow in your steps in order to become successful.

Once I came to this realization, my whole perspective on network marketing changed.  I decided that any network marketing company that I joined must allow me to answer “yes” to all of the questions I listed above.

The journey to find the network marketing company led me to Empower Network.  This company is led by success internet entrepreneurs who teach internet marketing, which can be applied to any internet business.  Further, you are taught how to generate leads from other people interested in making money through the internet and achieving their goal of working from home.

And did I mention that they pay 100% commissions?  Yes, you read that right, 100% commissions each and every month.

Are you ready to join a network marketing company where people are coming to you to sign up?  Sick of being told by family and friends that they are not interested in your sales pitch?  If so, sign up for the Feel Empowered Now newsletter, or if you do not want to waste any more time and instead choose to jump on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity go here now.

To Our Network Marketing Success!

Justin Ware

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TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, started in 1984 and the website came into existence in April of 2007.  This nonprofit organization was created for the sole mission of spreading ideas.

Are you familiar with TED Talks?  These talks, done on a variety of topics, have been watched online more than one billion times as of November, 2012.  Some of the topics discussed in TED Talks are “Mathemagic”, “How I Held My Breath for 17 Minutes”, and “Why People Believe Weird Things”.

TED Talks TED Talks are Worth Spreading!

I spend lots of time on YouTube (probably too much to be honest).  But I am learning useful stuff right?  Throughout my many hours of viewing random videos, I found the videos below.

In no particular order and without further ado, I present to you The Top 5 TED Talks You Haven’t Seen….Yet!

1.  The Freakonomics of McDonalds vs. Drugs

This is a very interesting talk about the drug epidemic during the 1990’s.  You’d be surprised what Steven Levitt found after researching this time from an economic standpoint, including how gangs are just like McDonalds!

2.  Learning from Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe gives this speech on various jobs he did for the infamous show.  If you are a fan of this show you must watch this!  If you aren’t a fan of this show, you likely will be after watching this talk!  The things I learned about castrating lambs from this talk are unspeakable.

3.  Gaming Can Make a Better World

In this talk, Jane McGonigal presents an argument that we should increase the amount of time we play video games in order to solve the world’s problems.  World of Warcraft anyone?

4.  3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed

Ric Elias was on US Airways Flight 1549.  This is the flight that made an emergency landing in the Hudson River on January 15th, 2009.  To hear the lessons learned from someone who believed they were going to die and didn’t are priceless.

5.  The Missing Link to Renewable Energy

Are you a fan of renewable energy?  This is a very interesting talk about how renewable energy can become a viable resource.  Donald Sadoway works on a team at MIT in order to figure out the renewable energy solution.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and learned a thing or two!  Since you are on a roll watching inspiring videos, check out the free video on the right side of this page!

Talk to you soon!

Justin Ware

P.S.  What TED Talks have I missed?  Leave links to those in the comments below so that I can watch them ASAP!

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